Welcome Cocktail

After a wonderful lunch at Clio’s french inspired restaurant, we headed to Vista Real for a Welcome Cocktail. We were greeted by the owner of the hotel and with a warm applause from hotel staff while we walked thru the corridors. What an unforgettable moment.

  • Location
    Hotel Vista Real
  • Wedding Planner
    CreaEvento – Pamela Morales
    Bodas D’ensueño – Brenda Melgar
  • Event Designer
    Adolfo Cojulún
  • Music & Entertainment
    Karibbean Band
  • Photographer
    Pilú Galindo
    Rodolfo Emilio Orantes
  • Wine & Licquor
    Marcas Mundiales
  • Transportation
    Troley – Transter Tours
  • Hugo Larios

    Hola yo deseo celebrar 50 anos de vida y deseo unas cotizaciones como para 40 personas. Si es posible que alguien me envie alguna informacion.