Wedding Destinations in Guatemala
About Guatemala

Guatemala is the heart of the Mayan world. It is alive, magical, mystic, and ancestral. Its history proceeds from four thousand years ago when the Mayan civilization emerged and whose legacy is still evident in the traditions and culture of its habitants.

It has three sites that have been declared World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO: Tikal National Park, Quiriguá and Antigua Guatemala. Its past and present, it is a unique country, full of adventure and diverse activities for every visitor.

The colorful handcraft markets and regional costumes, the hospitality, and the beauty of the landscapes that frame the volcanoes, lakes and mountains make Guatemala a place to be kept in the visitors’ heart. Not to mention that the natural, cultural and historical heritage is evident in every corner of the country.

Imagine having your wedding or honeymoon in Guatemala, Heart of the Mayan World, a country full of life, magic, mysticism and romance.

The diversity of wedding locations or honeymoon destinations to choose from, will range from a romantic colonial city declared a “Cultural Heritage of Humanity Site” by UNESCO to magnificent gardens with views of a beautiful Atitlan lake or views of majestic volcanoes.

Not only will you have an extensive selection of unbelievable destinations to choose from but you will also have numerous activities you can enjoy. You can decide between activities full of adventure like canopy, rafting, and volcano climbing, to relaxing activities like golf, sport fishing, bird watching or hiking, In addition to these wonderful advantages, the best part of having your wedding or honeymoon in Guatemala will be having a more glamorous, less expensive experience. You win have more details, more sophistication and the best of all, more unforgettable moments.

Accessibility and Convenience

Guatemala is conveniently located in Central America, allowing it to have a variety of direct flights from major cities in the United States to its two international airports: La Aurora, located in the capital city and “Mundo Maya”, located in the department of Petén.

Incredible Weather

Guatemala is known as the country of the “eternal spring”. With no extreme temperatures you can be sure to have warm weather all year round. Its average temperature is of 22 C° (70 F°).

General Information

Location and general data:

Guatemala is located in the heart of America. It shares international borders with four nations. To the West and North with Mexico, to the East with Belize and the Gulf of Honduras, to the Southeast with El Salvador and Honduras and to the South with Pacific Ocean.

Official Name: Republic of Guatemala
Population: 15.082.831 (2012)
Territorial Extension: 108,890 Km2
Political Division: 22 departments and 338 municipiums
Capital: Guatemala City
Currency: Quetzal (Q)
Currency Exchange rate: US$1.00 per 7.8 (Feb 12th 2014)
Language: Spanish
Religion: Catholic
Time zone: GMT -6 hours (normal) -5 (summer)
Visa: Europeans and Americans do not need visas.Central American citizens can enter using their

internal document or valid Passport.

Other nationalities should see the Web address:


Weather: Temperate, tropical and semitropical


Month January February March April May June
Celsius 18º 19º 20º 21º 21º 21º
Fahrenheit 64º 66º 68º 70º 70º 70º
Month July August September October November December
Celsius 20º 20º 19º 19º 19º 19º
Fahrenheit 68º 68º 66º 66º 66º 66º
 Rainy season: May, June, July, August, September, and October

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