FamTrip Guatemala 2014

The Weddings and Honeymoons Famtrip Guatemala 2014

The Weddings and Honeymoons Trade Association of Guatemala and INGUAT planned an amazing journey with just one purpose in mind: we wanted to share the experience of Destination Weddings in Guatemala.

A place of contrasts and colors, framed by impressive volcanes, mountains, lakes and sea, this country also provides a sophisticated, elegant ambiance and delightful cuisine to complement any kind of event. There are endless possibilities when it comes to entertaining and amusing guests and outdoor adventures are just the beginning of the fun when you invite friends and family to accompany you on a trip to one of the places most abundant in tradition and culture places that you can find.

We are proud to present the beauty of our destinations and the friendly hospitality of our people. Thank you to our special guests from NY, LA, El Salvador, Colombia and Mexico for giving Guatemala the opportunity to share its magic. #wedinguatemala #wedinatitlan #wedintikal #wedinantigua #wedinizabal #wedinthecity #wedinthepacific #visitguatemala #inguat #camtur

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